About Us

prof-4kids4Geekoterre Trailblazer’s Club is a safe and fun online learning environment for innovative learners who are young at heart. It is a place where they explore the unlimited virtual world of cyber space, along side the wonders of the real world through science, art, brain teasers and much more. All this, while helping kids with special needs.

Through YouMe Support Foundation, a registered charity, the funds from the Geekoterre Trailblazer’s Club assists children with special needs and provides high school education grants to students, who will never see the inside of a high school classroom without outside assistance. These kids live in countries where their parents have no money to put them through high school.

You can meet our first student on the YouMe Support Foundation web site. She is in her 5th year, having been among the top students of her class all through high school. She wants to go on to teachers training college and in turn help other kids in her country. As a Geekoterre Trailbalzer you will help many others like her.


SAM_14 In Vanuatu, a tiny South Pacific nation, these statistics have changed little since 1999:

  •  Only 55.8% of children manage to complete year 6
  •  Only 16.8% enter High School

There are many other small nations with statistics the same as Vanuatu. We heard of a young boy trying to sell coconuts in Fiji, in the hope of getting enough money to pay for his school fees.

As a Geekoterre Trailblazer, you give these kids hope for a brighter future.