Amazing Science

Trailblazers are fascinated by the WEIRD and WONDERFUL. They love earning points through easy-to-do, but amazing experiments. They have around 100 EXCITING scientific experiments to choose from.


Trailblazers stun and amaze their friends, as they explore the basic principles of flight, surface tension, chemical reactions and much more, using easy-to-find, inexpensive and safe materials. All experiments have easy-to-follow instructions, plus a clear scientific explanation.


One of our favourite experiments is the ‘Bleeding Paper’. Some call it Goldenrod Paper. Trailblazers know how to create this magic paper, which appears to bleed and how to make the bleeding disappear again.

This is an experiment that will have friends begging to let them have a go at it. It makes a wonderful theme at a Trailblazer Science Party and offers endless hours of fun, as friends write secret messages on the magic paper.


Earn Trailblazer Points

Trailblazers earn points points towards being named one of the top Trailblazers of the Month, by posting a photo, or short video, of the goldenrod paper project to the Trailblazer Gallery. They can also work their way up to becoming one of the Super Trailblazers.  Prizes may include their very own digital device, cash, or other great prizes.

Even more points can be earned by sharing any other interesting science project with us.

Double Trailblazer Points

Double points can be earned by posting a short video, or photos, of  friends enjoying one of the Geekoterre experiments, such as the goldenrod project.