Brain Teasers

Trailblazers are introduced to some really cool brain teasers from great riddles to mind-blowing optical illusions. Challenge, impress and amaze your teachers, friends, family and fellow Trailblazers with mind-boggling teasers!   Have fun!


Optical illusions were first invented around 450 B.C. Aristotle said “Our senses can be trusted, but they can be easily fooled.”

Today we see optical illusions all around us, as they are used in art, music, and our jobs, as well as being seen in nature. Right now you are looking at one. The images on this web page are only dots of red, green and blue, but your brain receives a different message. Once an image becomes too ‘pixelated’ the brain can’t read it any more.

Riddles, like optical illusions, have been around a very long time. The first written riddle is said to be around 4000 years old: ‘There is a house. One enters it blind and comes out seeing’.

The answer: A school.

Riddle-solvers were highly respected citizens in ancient societies, as they were thought to prove the intelligence of a person.

We have some great one-line riddles, but there’s more fun when you have to solve a much larger puzzle. Give it a try! And a great way to earn points!


Here is a brain teaser that is easy to work out – once you know the answer.

This draught horse could see the farmer working outside in the field.  The horse was hungry as he hadn’t eaten all day and the smell of freshly mown hay was driving him crazy.

The haystack was 6 metres away.  The rope tied to the horse was only 3 metres long.

How did the horse reach the haystack and eat the hay while the farmer took a lunch break?

The key is in the pictures.  You have to think outside the norm!

Note: If you know the source of these images, please let us know so we can publish it here.

The Answer: We have finally relented and will give you the answer to the riddle.

Look carefully and you will see the rope is not tied to the beam. All the horse had to do was tug on the rope and he was free to go and eat the hay.



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The largest horse ever recorded was a draught horse named Sampson.  He was born in 1846 in England. Samson stood 21.5 hands high (approx 2.2m) and weighed 1,500 kg, or 1.47 tons.

Draught horses were deliberately bred for their enormous strength and ability to carry out heavy work. In 1924 a pair of Shire horses were reported to have pulled a load of 45 tons.

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