Facilitator FAQs

Why a Facilitator?

Human Facilitators are a vital part of Geekoterre as they ensure that Geekoterre remains a child friendly, safe and non-bullying environment and that all upload content is within the guide lines of the Geekoterre Trailblazer’s Club.

Being a Geekoterre Human Facilitator is both a privilege and an honour, ensuring that Trailblazers have a safe, learning environment that will enrich their lives, mentally and physically as well as the lives of their friends.

All uploads are judged by a Human Facilitator as to their suitability before they can be published in the Trailblazer Gallery.

Trailblazers earn points when they upload:

  • A photo or short video of a Club Project
  • An idea for a new project
  • Associated images related to a particular Project
  • A poem, Tongue Twister, or riddle about a particular subject
  • A photo of friends enjoying a Geekoterre Club Project

Once a Facilitator approves a photo or video upload to the Trailblazer Gallery, points are awarded to the Trailblazer’s account, according to the points displayed on the Project page.

Data uploads such as a new Project Idea, Poem, Tongue Twister or Riddle go to a Project Editor.

How much time is involved in being a Facilitator?

A Facilitator can spend as much or as little time being a Facilitator as they want to, by choosing the number of uploads they view.

Each upload only takes a few minutes to approve or reject.

How does a Facilitators operate?

Anyone wishing to be an accredited Facilitator applies to the Club and is issued an ID number.

A Facilitator logs into the Admin section of the Club and accesses the page where upload of photos or a short video are waiting to be facilitated.

Clicking on an upload title, the Facilitator runs the content past a check list, quickly ticking the boxes for:

  • Project-specific, ensuring content is related to the specific project
  • Clarity
  • Time acceptable (all videos are to be under 1 min)
  • No offensive or bullying material
  • Single points, awarded to Trailblazers doing the project alone
  • Double points, awarded when friends are enjoying the project with the Trailblazer
  • Upload Accepted, points awarded to Trailblazer’s account
  • Upload Rejected, rejection email sent to Trailblazer

The Facilitator can then quickly move on and facilitate another upload as uploads are the life-blood and health of the Club.

The upload is posted to the Gallery with the members rank and avatar name, plus the Facilitator’s ID number.

Will a Facilitator know who has sent the upload?

At no point will a Facilitator or other Trailblazer know the name of a Trailblazer. Real names are not used at any point in the Geekoterre Club, only ranks and avatar names are visible.

When content is uploaded to the Gallery, only the Trailblazer’s rank and avatar name is posted with the content, alongside the Facilitator’s ID number.

Will a Trailblazer know who has facilitated the upload?

At no time will a Trailblazer know the identity of a Facilitator as only Facilitator ID Numbers are posted.

Can a Facilitator’s decision be queried by a Trailblazer?

A Facilitator’s decision is final, however any complaint by a Trailblazer will be looked into by the Geekoterre Admin Team.

Will Facilitators be paid?

Maintaining a high quality, safe and exciting environment for Trailblazers is the prime aim of the Geekoterre Administration team.

Geekoterre facilitation is done by Volunteers who endorse the goals and vision of Geekoterre. That is to assist children in Lesser Developed Countries, who are unable to receive high school education due to lack of money for school fees. If Facilitators were paid, there would be less money for High School Education Grants.

Members’ fees help these less fortunate kids to have a future, while members themselves, have fun and learn at the same time.

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