Become a Geekoterre Club Facilitator

Help keep the Geekoterre Club safe for our Trailblazers!

The mission of the Administration Team at Geekoterre is to ensure that the Geekoterre environment is child safe, non-bullying and friendly at all times.

Human Facilitators play a very important role in the life of the GEEKOTERRE TRAILBLAZER’S CLUB. No upload is posted to the Geekoterre Trailblazer Gallery until it has been passed manually by a Human Facilitator. Facilitators work through the Geekoterre Check List and award points to the Trailblazer’s account for effort.

A Geekoterre Facilitator is responsible for manually checking every upload that is sent to the Club and ensure that all material is:

  • Specifically related to a particular Geekoterre project
  • Of good quality – photos or short videos are not out of focus and are viewable
  • Not offensive and contains no bullying content
  • Suitable for viewing by children

A Facilitator’s task is not a difficult one, but is vital to the continued health and growth of the Club, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all Trailblazers.

Help us keep Geekoterre a safe, bully-free and friendly environment for our Trailblazers by becoming an accredited Geekoterre Facilitator.

Check out the Facilitator FAQs and APPLY NOW!