• Is my payment information secure?
        Payments are made through a secure server. No financial information is retained on our site and no personal information is given to any third party. Our top priority at Geekoterre, is to provide a child-safe and friendly environment, free from bullying or any other negative influence.  Privacy Policy
      • What currency are subscriptions paid in?
        The subscriptions are paid in Australian Dollar via Visa or Master Card.
      • What is your refund policy?
        Geekoterre Trailblazer membership fees are non-refundable.
        A Geekoterre Trailblazers Club membership is automatically renewed at the end of each membership term. This ensures that membership service is uninterrupted. Cancellation policy.
      • How soon does my membership begin?
        First you register, choosing an avatar and a Trailblazer name. You will be sent a welcome email inviting you to activate your account. Membership starts immediately when the Membership Account is activated and you receive a Rank Certificate, declaring where you stand on the Rank Ladder.
      • Why use a Geekoterre Trailblazer name?
        All Trailblazers are asked to create a unique Trailblazer name in order to enter the Trailblazer Club. This ensures the privacy of individual Trailblazers, as no personal names are ever used.
      • If I join for FREE, when do I have to begin paying Membership Fees?
        Membership fees begin on the 1st of the following month.
      • If I join half way through the month, does the FREE month’s membership run to the middle of the next month?
        Members may join at any time during the month, but membership fees are charged on the first day of each month.
      • Does my membership automatically renew at the end of the chosen period?
        Membership is automatically renewed at the end of each: 1, 6, or 12 month period, depending on your chosen payment plan.
      • Can I upgrade my membership at any time?
        If you wish to upgrade a membership from monthly to either 6 monthly or yearly, you may do so at any time during the current membership. An email will be sent to you confirming the new level of membership.
        It is best to do any membership change at the beginning of a month, so as not to lose any Trailblazer points
      • Can I cancel a membership at any time?
        A member can log into their Trailblazer account and cancel their recurring membership at any time. You can check out more in our Cancellation Policy.
      • Can I transfer my membership to another person?
        Trailblazers Club memberships are not transferable.
      • Are family rates available?
        Some families may choose to share their subscription with one another. The down side to that is that only one Trailblazer name will gain Trailblazer points for completing an activity, or be eligible to win prizes as one of the Five Top Point-Earning Trailblazers of the Month, or become one of the Five Top Point-Earning Super Trailblazers every Quarter.
      • Can a member be disqualified?
        Any Trailblazer member found breaking the Club Rules and Code of Conduct  will be sent a warning email and their parent notified. A second offense will result in the member being disqualified or banned from the club, temporarily or permanently.
      • Can I renew a membership after having cancelled it?
        Once a membership has been cancelled it cannot be renewed. You will need to create a new membership and a new Trailblazer name.
      • How much will I have to pay for other Geekoterre eBooks?
        As a Geekoterre Trailblazer you will receive a special price for the sequel eBooks to The 3 Ikes Of Geekoterre.
      • Can I give a Geekoterre Trailblazers Club membership away as a gift?
        It is a great idea to give a Geekoterre Trailblazers Club membership away as a  gift. Giving a student an entry into a club where they will not only have fun but learn all sorts of exciting things is the best investment you could make. As a gift, just register the proposed member in the usual manner.
      • Will we get to meet any of the sponsored High School students?
        From time to time we hope to take a group of the Super Trailblazers to meet some of the sponsored High School Students. We also hope to be able to bring some of the sponsored students to experience places such as Australia and New Zealand and meet up with some of the Super Trailblazers.
      • Can the Geekoterre Club be used in the classroom?
        Teachers can join the Club and use the Geekoterre Club in the classroom. Teachers are also encouraged to advise input to the content of the Club.
      • Are all experiments and projects published in the Trailblazer Club safe to perform?
        Safety is our first and foremost rule in judging the suitability of any project for Club publication. It is the policy of the administrators of the Geekoterre Trailblazer Club that unsafe materials and products are not used in the projects. All projects in the Club will clearly state when the project requires adult supervision.
      • Is it difficult to obtain the materials required to do a Trailblazer Club project?
        Projects are not only chosen for safety, but all the materials used in each project must be cost effective and easy to obtain.
      • Are the Trailblazer club projects rated as to degree of difficulty?
        All projects are rated from easy, medium to hard. The harder a project, the more points to be won.
      • Do the projects in the Club take very long to do?
        Most of the projects can be completed in 20 – 30 minutes.
      • How do I prove I have completed a project in order to get the points awarded to me?
        Points are awarded when a photo or video (less than 60 seconds) of the completed project, has been uploaded by the Trailblazer, approved by a human Facilitator and posted to the Trailblazer Gallery.
      • Will all material uploaded by a Trailblazer be accepted?
        Any photo, short video or new project data uploaded by a Trailblazer is first approved by a human Facilitator before it is posted to the Trailblazer Gallery. Any unsuitable material or material unrelated to that particular project will be rejected by a Human Facilitator and the Trailblazer notified of the reason for the rejection.
      • Can I object to the decision a Facilitator makes?
        The decision of the Facilitator is final, but any email sent to the Geekoterre administration will be looked into.
      • Why have a point system?
        At the Geekoterre Trailblazer Club we encourage effort rather than just talent. We want to see the members do as many projects as  they can, so we reward members with great prizes, monthly and quarterly, for the 5 Top Point-Earning Trailblazers.
      • Can I find out where I am on the Trailblazer points ladder?
        Your position on the points ladder is clearly displayed on your Club Dashboard Home Page after you log in.
      • Is there any way I can earn double points?
        Any Trailblazer who takes a photo of his/her friends enjoying a Trailblazer Project with them, or holds a Trailblazer Party and uploads the photo to the Trailblazer Gallery, instantly earns double points.
      • Why have a Rank system?
        Points allow Trailblazers to move up through the Rank System. There are five levels in each rank and there are five ranks. From time to time there will be Rank Competitions with special prizes that can only be entered by those holding that particular Rank or above.
      • How will I know what Rank I am on?
        Your Rank position will be clearly displayed by a Rank Badge on your Club Dashboard Home Page after you log in. The number of stars beside the Rank Badge will show the level you are on in that Rank. You will be sent a Rank Certificate every time you achieve a new Rank.
      • If your Trailblazer question has not been answered here, please feel free to Contact Us. We will endeavour to answer all your questions.