High School Grants

A 12 year old walks past the fence and peers into the school grounds. He sees the privileged few, happily chatting with friends, in the grounds of a local high school.

Sadly he kicks the dirt at his bare feet and walks on. He has nothing to do. His parents don’t have enough money for the school fees, so maybe he’ll just sit around the village with others who can’t go to school either. Maybe he will go and catch a fish, or climb a tree and cut down some coconuts. Maybe his mum will send him out to find some firewood.

Sometimes he watches a few of the older guys going off to a job in the town. He doesn’t think he’ll have much chance of getting work. He learned how to read and write in primary school, which the government paid for, but now there is no money to continue his education.

If it is a girl, she has to stay home and help her mother with the chores, such as fetching water,  looking after the younger kids, or helping cook over the wood fire. Once a week they walk about an hour to the garden to bring back some bananas and yams.

Sometimes the oldest brother in the family, goes to school, but the rest of the kids are left at home in the village.

Their greatest wish is that they had the money to be able to go to High School.



These statistics have changed little since 1999, in Lesser Developed Countries, such as the tiny South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.

  • Only 55.8% of children finish year 6
  • Only 16.8% go on to High School

Geekoterre is all about giving these kids a future, through sponsoring High School Education Grants.

This means holistic care.  From buying shoes, uniform and school bag, to everything else they need for high school. It is a very demanding, but rewarding challenge.

Our first sponsored student is entering her final year at High School and has frequently been ranked top of her class. Her goal is to continue on into Teacher’s College.