Geekoterre is Firmly Committed to the SAFETY, EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT of the Trailblazers, who enjoy the privileges and challenges of the Virtual World of Cyber Space, combined with the Weird and Wonderful aspects of the Physical World.


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  • Be the first to upload a video or photographs of a simple Science experiment and DOUBLE YOUR POINTS
  • Pierce a blown up balloon with a kebab stick and truly amaze your friends, or do one of the other Super Science Projects
  • Solve some great Riddles and earn extra points
  • Help us build your favourite topic into a super riddle
  • Send us your ideas for the Club and earn more points
  • Email us when you have a friends join the Club and earn a bonus 350 points
  • Get on board and HAVE FUN!

Membership Benefits

As a Geekoterre Trailblazer you will receive a Recruit Certificate at the commencement of your membership. By earning points, for each Club project completed, you will work your way up through the five Trailblazer Ranks, starting out as a Recruit and rising to become a Controller. Plus you  have the opportunity to win really great prizes along the way (conditions apply) besides having HEAPS OF FUN:

  • At the end of each month the Top Point-Earning Trailblazers win great prizes
  • At the end of each quarter the Top Super Point-Earning Trailblazers win super prizes
  • If there are several Trailblazers with the same number of points, the winners’ names will be drawn at random.

From time-to-time there are Geekoterre Competitions, where more super prizes are up for grabs. It PAYS to become a GEEKOTERRE TRAILBLAZER and HAVE FUN through:

Amazing Science

  • Do amazing experiments
  • Easy-to-find materials
  • All experiments are totally safe
  • Experiments create great party themes
  • Totally stun your friend

Stunning Art

  • Do stunning art experiments
  • Easy to find, inexpensive materials
  • Explore and experiment with new media
  • Create great party themes
  • Totally astound your friends

Brilliant Brain Teasers

  • Discover great optical illusions
  • Challenge your friends to draw amazing brain teasers
  • Have fun with great riddles
  • Create your own riddles and confuse other Trailblazers
  • Trick your friends

Cool Jokes

  • Share great jokes with others
  • Write your own jokes
  • Find other great jokes
  • Make great party themes
  • Crack your friends up

Tantalising Twisters

  • Try seriously challenging tongue twisters
  • Challenge your friends
  • Make your own twisters
  • Create great party themes
  • Totally confuse your friends

Pesky Poems

  • Become another Dr Seuss
  • Let your imagination run ragged
  • Enjoy other people’s creativity
  • Create great party themes
  • Totally dazzle your friends

Easy Cooking

  • Enjoy easy-to-do recipes
  • Share your favourite recipes
  • Experiment with new ideas
  • Create great party food
  • Astonish your friends and family

Trailblazers Gallery

  • Post photos/video clips of your projects
  • Earn points for each posting
  • Enjoy other’s work
  • Challenge other Trailblazers
  • Have Fun!!!!!

Cool Party Themes

  • Enjoy great party themes
  • Add your own theme ideas
  • Host parties with a difference
  • Discover your leadership abilities
  • Challenge other Trailblazers