• Why a Trailblazers Club?
    Kids today are as comfortable in Cyber Space as they are in the physical world. Many begin to use a computer before they can walk or talk.
    Geekoterre is not only a child-safe environment, it is educational, as well as huge fun. Trailblazers are given the opportunity to extend their imagination and knowledge and participate, not just be entertained. Einstein said that he valued imagination far more than talent. Geekoterre Trailblazers can be anyone they want to be, as their imagination and horizons are expanded.
  • How does the Geekoterre Trailblazer Club Work?
    You the parent, must give permission for the child to become a Geekoterre Trailblazer. Please Note: Our absolute guarantee is that no private information is permitted to be given out for public viewing, or collected unnecessarily.
  • What can a Trailblazer Do?
    Research has shown that children should be praised for effort not talent and that learning is fun and fun is learning, if there are to be long term and effective results. We encourage Trailblazer members to enter the projects, with the aim of encouraging them to learn that challenges are not threats and that effort is more important than talent.
    Geekoterre Trailblazers Members will have the opportunity to:

    • Learn through fun with a clear understanding of the end goal of each project
    • Expand the imagination and gain knowledge at the same time, while developing creativity, thinking and comprehension
    • Be introduced to totally new concepts, while building on past experience
    • Get involved in activities that are appropriate for the member’s age, skills and abilities, that will hold the member’s interest
    • Participate in a totally safe and protected environment
    • Enjoy and share puzzles
    • Solve riddles that will involve the member doing some research
    • Write poems, tongue twisters and share jokes appropriate to the age and interest of other members
    • Share recipes for kids
    • Share art and science activities that could be of interest to other members
    • Learn more about endangered species
    • Help build story lines about the adventures of the three Ikes of Geekoterre for their next adventure book
    • Suggest items of latest technology for research, such as heliodisplay computers (computers without screens)
    • Enter projects (new ones added all the time)
    • Each project entered will earn the member points towards being named one of ten Geekoterre Trailblazers of the Month, or they can save their points up to becoming one of 5 Super Geekoterres
    • Share their fun with others

    Please Note:

    • No post will be published before it has been verified as suitable by a human facilitator
    • No personal information will be published
    • No unfair criticism of other member’s will be published
    • No inappropriate material or bad language will be published
    • Members must use their chosen Geeko nick-name only
  • Who can be a Trailblazer?
    The Club is predominately targeted at middle readers, aged 9-13 years. However, everyone who is young at heart can enjoy the wonders of Geekoterre, provided they strictly abide by the Club Rules.
    Please Note: The numbers of members may be limited from time to time.
  • Is the site Safe?
    At Geekoterre we have a strong commitment to child safety, so they can learn through fun, in a safe environment. Trailblazers are encouraged to add comments and relevant photos, or video clips, into the Trailblazer Gallery.
    No comment or item will be posted until it has been viewed by a registered human facilitator. No material revealing personal information will be permitted to be posted. Child safety is our top priority at Geekoterre.
  • Can a Member be Disqualified?
    Any Trailblazer member found breaking the Club Rules will be warned and the parent notified. A second offence will result in the member being disqualified or banned from the club, either temporarily or permanently.
  • What is the Cost?
    We charge a nominal fee, which is used to keep the site up to date and fresh. Parents can choose their level of membership.
    These fees also provide education for some desperately disadvantaged kids, through YouMe Support Foundation. High School Education grants are offered in countries where there is no free education. Super Trailblazers will be given the opportunity to visit some of the kids they have helped put through school.
  • What are the Benefits of the Club?
    At Geekoterre we say “The more you know, the more you discover there is to know, the more places you can go, virtually and physically”. Dr Seuss said “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
    Our aim is to give children the opportunity to discovery both the depths in themselves and their own ability, mentally and physically, as well as the wider wonders of the universe and to stimulate their imagination. Studies have proven that ‘Learning through Fun’ has the best long term results.
  • Any Other Benefits to the Club?

    Funds from the Trailblazer Club go to support YouMe Support Foundation, a registered charity that helps put underprivileged children into High School.
    There are many third world countries, such as the tiny South Pacific nation of Vanuatu, where:

    • 18% of children never go to school at all
    • Only 55% complete primary school
    • Only 16.8% complete junior secondary
    • Only 7.8% complete senior secondary

    Our members do something really positive about this every time they pay their subscription.

  • Why have a Geekoterre News Desk and Resource Centre?

    The News Desk is open to general public viewing. It too is a child-safe environment, containing:

    • Interesting and helpful Parenting Articles.
    • Numerous posts on Home Schooling through the Home School Gems Section posted by a qualified and experienced teacher.
    • Articles that will give the Trailblazers clues to the riddles and extra information.
    • Articles on a wide variety of subjects, including humour, rare or nearly extinct animals, animal stories and much more.
  • What is the Privacy Policy?
    A child’s safety is of paramount importance to us at Geekoterre. Please take time out to read our Privacy Policy which we are committed to strictly adhere to. Above all we want your child to enjoy the experience of Geekoterre, Have Fun and invite friends to join us.