Pesky Poems

images_03Trailblazers have fabulous opportunities to express their thoughts and emotions through writing Pesky Poems. Poems that are catchy, imaginative and exploratory. Trailblazers let their imagination run riot and get to share their creations with their fellow Trailblazers to earn points.


William Stafford said “Everyone is born a poet. Everyone can play around with the way words and sounds work. I just kept doing what everyone else starts out doing. The real question is : Why did other people stop?”


One of our Trailblazer challenges is to write the longest poem ever written.  Join The Club because we will need all the Trailblazer’s help to do this.

Pick up the story of Flipperty J and write 3 more lines.

Flipperty J from Nectar Hollow
Who didn’t know quite where to follow.
So he followed his nose…..’

Trailblazers are encouraged to do just what Dr Seuss says, “You’re off to Great Places. You’re off and away”. Can you write three more lines and join us in Flipperty J’s exciting adventures?

There’s so much fun to be had!


Join The Club To Start Earning Your Trailblazer Points

I wonder what Flipperty J from Nectar Hollow will get up to?

If you accept this Challenge to help write the longest poem ever and your three lines are published, you will be awarded great Trailblazer Points. These points get you closer towards being named one of the Trailblazers of the Month, as well as one of the Super Trailblazers, where there are fabulous Prizes to be won!  Join the Trailblazer Club and get on your way!