Stunning Art

images_03Trailblazers have fun expressing their creativity through various forms of art.  They are encouraged to explore and express their creativity through many different types of media, using easy-to-obtain and inexpensive materials.


Trailblazers enjoy creating unique projects and works of art.  They love sharing it with their fellow Trailblazers and earning great points.  Here is a sample of what Trailblazers can do when they join The Club.


Most people believe that one side of their face is more ‘photogenic’ than the other and this may in fact be true. Many models and film stars are noted for having a face that is symmetrical (the same on both sides), as in our first example of a young boy.

There appears to be very little difference when we placed two left side images together, compared to the two right side images joined together.

For most of us, however there is quite a different image produced, as with this young girl’s face.

Do you think this young lady is stronger on the left side showing she is a logical and analytical thinker, excelling in maths and word skills? Or is she stronger on the right side showing she is a right side of the brain thinker, being intuitive, artistic and imaginative?

Note: This works best if you have a photo that has been taken with you looking directly at the camera. Passport photos work well.


Earn Trailblazer Points

art1 Join the Trailblazer Club and post your art in the Trailblazer Gallery to earn points towards becoming one of the top Trailblazers of the Month, as well as working your way up to becoming one of the Super Trailblazer and earn fabulous prizes.

You also earn great points if you share any other interesting art project with us. Remember, we only allow safe-to-use materials in all our projects.

Double Your Trailblazer Points

Take a video, or photos, of your friends enjoying a Stunning Art project with you. Post it to the Gallery and Double your Trailblazer Points.