Teachers Resource

Our aim at Geekoterre, (learning through fun) is to not only provide quality content for the members but also to have material that will assist teachers.

Trailblazers are encouraged to do as Dr Seuss says: “Think and wonder, wonder and think”, as they explore cyber pace, as well as the weird and wonderful world around them, through  a variety of projects in science and art, as well as brain teasers, sharing cool jokes, tongue twisters, pesky poems and easy cooking projects.

Geekoterre Trailblazer projects are based on two factors:

1. Digital Devices Explosion

Research shows that digital devices play a huge role in the lives of tweens.

Studies by Global Kids reveal that the favourite computer-based activities of this age group are:

  • Playing games (92%)
  • Watching video clips (83%)
  • Doing school work on the computer (76%)
  • Enjoying the virtual world cyber space (59%)

The top two activities are both social and interactive. Geekoterre Trailblazers are not only encouraged to enjoy the virtual world of cyber space, but to take their new found knowlege and share it with their peers in the physical world.

2. Experiential Learning


The second guiding factor at Geekoterre is the importance of Experiential Learning.


A Trailblazer’s experiential learning involves the participant in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making, through projects that are fun, interesting and relevant, as well as broadening their knowledge base. Knowledge that Trailblazers are eager to share with their friends.


Geekoterre projects are designed to support teachers, both in school situations and in home schooling, through:

  • Motivating learners into widening their experiential learning and knowledge base
  • Improving their confidence in face-to-face social interaction
  • Building their leadership abilities and self-confidence.

Geekoterre Projects

The Geekoterre Trailblazer’s Club takes these kids on a journey of discovery as they explore:

  • The amazing world around them, through safe, cost-effective science experiments, plus learning the scientific reason behind the project
  • Their own creativity through unusual art projects, such as melting crayons on a piece of paper, or bubble art and more
  • The weird and wonderful world of optical illusions, frequently used by movie directors and magicians, where the message the brain receives differs from reality. How to make Gandalf appear to tower over the Hobbits is an example
  • Manipulating the English language through clever jokes
  • The fascinating world of riddles, such as the sailing stones of California.
  • We use two kinds of riddles:
  1. Conundrums – with a pun in either the question or the answer.
  2. Enigmas – a problem expressed in a metaphorical sense (e.g. the world is a stage). These require ingenuity and careful thinking to find the solution.
  • The vagaries created when you try to vocalize tantalizing tongue twisters, with the aim of improving general diction, pronunciation and communication skills
  • The fun of expanding the imagination through playing with rhyme, in easy-to-create pesky poems
  • The delight of providing gastronomic delights through simple easy-to-do recipes.

Many of these projects can be used either as individual activities, or in a group, or classroom situation.

Teacher’s Input

Geekoterre is where extra student-orientated activities, back the school curriculum. We welcome and highly value any input from teachers.

High School Education Grants

Partnering with YouMe Support Foundation , the membership fees from the Trailblazer Club sponsor High School Education Grants.

These kids live in Lesser Developed Countries where there is no free High School education. Without Trailblazers’ help these children will never see the inside of a high school classroom.

  • The statistics have changed little since 1999 in countries such as Vanuatu, a tiny island nation in the north-west corner of the South Pacific, where only 55.8% of children complete year 6.  Only 16.8% go on to High School.  Many other small South Pacific island nations, such as Fiji, have similar statistics.

Geekoterre Super Trailblazers will have the opportunity to meet some of our sponsored students.