Trailblazers Gallery

Trailblazers have fun sharing their finished projects with other Trailblazers.  Posting photographs, or a short video of your successful projects in the Gallery, not only inspires other Trailblazers to experiment but also earns you great points.  Trailblazers of the Month and Super Trailblazers win awesome prizes for sharing their efforts.


Sharing your successful projects in the Trailblazer Gallery allows you to see what everyone else is doing. It also gives you fabulous ideas for your own project, or an interesting theme for your special Trailblazer Party.

You also get to share some of your own great ideas, with other Trailblazers.

What are you waiting for? Join the Club and start posting!


Join the Trailblazer Club – Earn Points – Win Prizes!

Whenever you post a short video, or photo of a completed project in the Trailblazer Gallery, you earn points towards being named one of the Trailblazers of the Month or one of the Super Trailblazers, earning fabulous prizes.

Earn Double Trailblazer Points

You can double your points by sharing your project with your friends and positing a video, or photo in the Gallery. Not only will you amaze your friends with some really great tricks andexperiments, but you will all be HAVING FUN!