Upgrade Or Cancellation Policy

Automatic Renewal

A Geekoterre Trailblazers Club membership is automatically renewed at the end of each membership term, according to the chosen payment plan.

This ensures that membership service remains uninterrupted.

Upgrade or Cancel Membership

A member can log into their Trailblazer account to either upgrade or cancel their recurring membership.

A membership can be upgraded at any time during a current membership.

This is best done 3 days prior to the end of a month, so as not to lose any Trailblazer points and to coincide with the direct debit transaction.

Upgrade or cancellation of a membership is effective from the date we receive the filled-in form.

To ensure the next direct payment is ceased, (transactions are on the 1st day of every month). Cancellation forms must be sent at least 3 days prior to the end of the month. No refund is given if this 3 day deadline is missed.

A confirmation email of either upgrade, or cancellation, will be sent.

Once a membership has been cancelled it cannot be renewed. To rejoin, a new membership will need to be established with a new Trailblazer name.

Membership Non-transferable

Trailblazer Memberships are not transferable.


A Trailblazer Membership can be disqualified for repeated offenses to the Club Rules,  after receiving the relevant notification.

Refund Policy

As the Trailblazer membership fee is used for High School Education Grants, there is no refund of membership fees.